NASCOE Programs Response: Payment Limitation interfacing with CARS Data


Business File software currently is unable / unwilling to read producer shares from CARS software.


Other applications (i.e. for MFP) are able to read the shares, and so should Business File. Typos could be reduced on the 902, reducing problems with IPIA.


Program the software for Business File to read producer shares from CARS.

D.C. / KCMO Response:

Thank you for the proposal. We are always open to ideas for making the processes work better for COF’s to administer FSA’s programs including determining a producer’s payment limitation and payment eligibility. The following is my perspective on the issue.

Currently, the CCC-902 is the form used for collecting information about a farming operation’s land contribution and begins by automatically retrieving the basic farm interests from FRS for all tracts of land associated with the producer who is completing the farm operating plan. FRS is current, and up-to-date, with a producer’s farm interests as reported to FSA and any subsequent changes in a producer’s farm interest are reported to FSA and immediately recorded in FRS.

A producer, who becomes a program applicant, is further required to report detailed information on a Farm Operating Plan relative to the lease agreement (cash, share or AUM), number of acres associated with a lease, whether the producer had interest in the land in the prior year and the names of the producers who the land is leased to or from. This data collection is required on the CCC-902 to ensure an accurate determination for applying substantive change rules, and identifying the significant contributions for determining eligibility with actively engaged in farming and cash rent tenant provisions.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to rely on a producer’s acreage report to collect all the necessary information for a producer’s farming interests to make the determinations mentioned above. As you can imagine, it would be unconventional to rely on the acreage report when it is filed later in the program year or may not be filed at all in some situations. Furthermore, the acreage report does not collect the lease information necessary to populate a CCC-902 used to make the required payment limitation and payment eligibility determinations.

At the current time, FRS is best source for collecting all of a producer’s farming interests and then populating the lease information for each tract in Business File when the producer becomes a program applicant.

Programs Submission Response: CRP CCMS Reports


CRP has a $50,000 payment limitation. It is becoming increasing difficult to research multi-county producers’ payment limitations due to the limited report access in CCMS by county. Since FSA employees are only able to access the administrative county they are responsible for in CCMS. We are forced to make a mental note of our multi-county producers and constantly reach out to neighboring counties or counties across the country to research their current payment limitation status.


After our 2017 CRP payment cycle it was discovered that a multi-county corporation was over the $50,000 CRP payment limitation for the last 2 years. This was unknown to the one of the 2 county office’s involved or the producer, due to how the payments were processed. Multiple CRP contracts were enrolled in several counties over the last 3 years.


FSA is currently operating under nationwide customer service. Our reports need to be the same. Please, allow county offices to pull reports in CCMS for an individual producer on a nationwide basis, NOT per Admin County. One report is much more efficient to track than individually contacting every county office associated with the producer and the time constraints involved with those actions.


From a CCMS reports perspective I agree with the concern.  To help with this situation we are moving CCMS data into the EDW for more flexible reporting.    The EDW will have the ability to view outside of the county(s) the user has access to in CCMS.  This should allow users to develop a list of all the contracts a producer has regardless of location.  Until that time there are CCMS reports in the Common Data SharePoint site that provide the CCID.  An office can filter by a CCID to see all contracts a producer has an interest in.  I know this is less than ideal as users would need to look up a CCID in CRM/BP first, but it does allow better multi county visibility than CCMS provides.

I cannot provide any comments on the specific PL issue mentioned, that will need to be address by others.

Programs Submission Response: Updating 902 Land Contributions

Updating the 902 Land Contributions when a producer needs to revise his/her Farm Operating Plan

It is very time consuming to select each:   *Farm Number *Tract Number *Owner Name * Farmland or Cropland *whether or not they farmed it last year Yes/No *Acres

It would be much more efficient to be able to have an option to “select all” above each column so we could uncheck the ones not needed.

We agree the option to select “All Tracts” would be beneficial when recording leases. I will add this suggestion to the list of enhancements that we would like to complete but it may be a while before we can implement the change due to resource and budget constraints. 

However, the option to “select all” for the Type of Acres, Land Interest the same as last year question and Name, we intentionally default the type of acres and land interest question to empty to force a selection and if there are multiple producers with relationship to the tract, the producers with the lease to or lease from must be selected. These fields should be reviewed and entered independently for each tract to ensure the information selected is accurate. In addition, for the Name, it is very possible different tracts have different customers related to the tract so the ability to “select all” cannot be used.