Program Submission Response: Conservation User Guides


Field offices spend a lot of time trying to locate procedure and instructions found in user guides and program guides that have not been incorporated into a particular handbook.  For example, COLS and CCMS. Some of these user guides also need to be updated to reflect software that is currently in use.


Most guides are located on various sharepoint sites and are extremely difficult to locate.  It is also difficult to determine if the guides are current.


Since handbooks and notices are now stored in electronic format, searching for this information could be much quicker if it were stored on the same page as access to handbooks.  Eliminating excessive searching, and having current versions of user guides will result in field personnel performing their jobs more timely and with greater confidence.


The current software user guides for all Conservation Systems are all located here:

We are working towards putting all of this documentation into FSA Handbook format that will be located on the handbooks website when completed.

Program Submission Response: MIDAS Farm Records Enhancement


Farm record changes such as ownership changes, operator changes, and other tenants.


Handbook policy requires notification of farm record changes.


MIDAS software will generate an automatic FSA-476 in letter form to notify reconstitution participants of changes to base acres.  Would it be possible to enhance the software to generate a letter when changes are made to ownership, operation and tenants added? It would be more efficient if the software automatically generated a letter, and it would save employees time.


Thank you for the suggestion on automating the notification letters when producer changes occur on a farm.   I agree that this would benefit the county offices and help insure that the required notification letters are being sent to all applicable producers. I will add this to our list of software enhancements, though implementing this change will be up to prioritization and budget.

Additionally, another specialist, who handles the policy side of Farm Records, and I have discussed the need to have a standard letter available in 10-CM to be used when notifying the associated producers when any acreage change occurs on a farm . We hope to have this standard letter included in a future amendment to 10-CM.

Programs Submission Response: AD-1026 First Time Filers

3-PL Rev. 2 procedure regarding 1026 first time filing is unclear.

Par. 25C of 3-PL, Rev 2. states the first time producer filing AD-1026 field is “used to indicate whether the producer is filing an AD-1026 for the first time.” However, PL-268 announced this new field and update to the web subsidiary application. PL-268 states the flag should be YES “when the producer certifies this is their first time filing…as described in AD-1026, box 8A.” COF should not be entering YES for first time filing UNLESS the provisions of box 8A are met. 3-PL, Rev.2 is not clear on that.

Amend 3-PL, Rev. 2 to include reference to Box 8A for the first time filing flag, perhaps cross reference between 3-PL and 6-CP.

We have discussed this request and agree to update 3-PL Rev 2 paragraph 25C with additional instructions for the AD-1026 First Time Filer in the next 3-PL Rev 2 amendment.

The following will be added to 3-PL Rev 2 paragraph 25C under the explanation for “First Time Producer Filing AD-1026”:

“Users shall update the AD-1026 First Time Filer to “Yes” and enter the AD-1026 First Time Filer Date when the producer certifies this is their first time filing AD-1026, have FCIC reinsured crop insurance, and are subject to HELC and WC provisions as described in AD-1026, box 8A.”  See 6-CP Subparagraph 335C For additional information.”