Introducing NASCOE’s Technology Coordinator

Photograph of NASCOE Technology Coordinator, Sarah Francowic
Sarah Francowic of Pennsylvania has been appointed NASCOE’s Technology Coordinator.

Recently NASCOE put out a call to our members for candidates to fill a newly created Technology Coordinator position.  This position was created by the Executive Committee to manage our existing digital infrastructure as well as well as assist in adopting various new digital solutions. 

We are excited to announce that Sarah Francowic has been appointed as our new Technology Coordinator.  Sarah is currently a Program Technician in Greensburg, PA. Prior to working with FSA, she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a dual Bachelor’s in Journalism, Multimedia and Digital Culture.  She also received a Master of Science from Northeastern University in Global Studies and International Relations.  She held an internship with the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. where her duties included assisting with their intranet and updating the website to make it more user friendly. She also spent time functioning as a Public Affairs Specialist drafting and editing original content for their Twitter account and LinkedIn page.

For the last two years she has performed contract work as a Social Media Coordinator for a growing clinical research company, increasing their brand awareness.  “I have always loved learning new things, taking on new adventures, and perfecting my skills – I enjoy taking on new projects and helping others so we can all learn and grow! I look forward to learning more about NASCOE and beginning my role with the association to assist in any capacity I can.” You will all start hearing more from Sarah as she begins her work as the Technology Coordinator.  She will also be working with the Executive Committee, National Chairs, and members in general to identify pain points and make recommendations for potential IT solutions.  Feel free to send any suggestions or welcome her to the NASCOE team by emailing her at

New NASCOE Position: Technology Coordinator

Our lives are increasingly affected by modern technologies that improve the way we live and work. Whether we are talking about communicating with others, tracking assignments, getting forms signed, sending and receiving funds, archiving documents, etc., the solution is now typically digital. At work we use instant messaging, online surveys, digital signatures and more. We rely on tools like SharePoint and GovDelivery. At home we increasingly go online or use apps on our phone to get our news, research issues, or even shop for our groceries.

NASCOE currently utilizes some of these measures, including hosting a website and sending bulletins through an email service. However, recently the Executive Committee has recognized that adopting more of these technologies would provide an opportunity to better conduct business and serve our members. Those technologies that we are using fall under the Webmaster position which is currently an ancillary duty for our Publicity Chair. These IT duties already take up a lot of time and adding new digital solution would be beyond challenging for any existing committee chair. Therefore, the Executive Committee is looking to establish a Technology Coordinator Position to help manage our existing infrastructure as well as assist in adopting various new digital solutions.

NASCOE has approximately 6000 members made up of a diverse group of people from all over the country. We know that many of you not only use these technologies daily, but some of you have detailed knowledge or experience in implementing them. Now is a great opportunity to assist NASCOE in improving or building key infrastructure that could assist your fellow members. Some potential responsibilities are listed below. This is a unique chance to help influence the creation of a national level position from the ground up. So if you have skills or even a passion in elements like web design, app management, database management, or any other IT solution, please reach out. Even if you are not interested in the Technology Coordinator position but possess these talents, please consider letting us know and volunteering.

In order to be considered, please send a brief introduction of yourself and your attributes, skills, and/or abilities to the NASCOE President at . NASCOE positions can take up a substantial amount of volunteer time, so please indicate your general availability.

Potential Responsibilities and Duties

  • Assist Executive Committee (EC) with questions and issues regarding access and use of NASCOE infrastructure. Examples include assisting with logging in, setting up meetings, troubleshooting errors, etc.
  • Implement automated NASCOE processes and forms
  • Develop and maintain cloud based repositories, such as OneDrive and SharePoint. This includes designing interfaces, educating users, and enforcing good IT policies
  • Create, maintain, and refresh a modernized and user-friendly website
  • Research beneficial technology for the association, makes recommendations to the EC, and works with contractors to implement as directed.


  • A passion or hobby for technology
  • Approachable and patient
  • Works well independently or as part of a team
  • An ability to prioritize and delegate
  • Problem-solving skills
  • A keen eye for detail

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