Committee Chairs

Photo of Julie Goetzman

Julie Goetzman

National Awards and Scholarships Chairperson Texas
Cell Phone: (281) 250-4752
Photo of Christy Wallace

Christy Wallace

National Benefits and Emblems Chairperson Idaho
Cell Phone: (208) 791-4627 Work Phone: (208) 816-5242
Photo of Donny Green

Donny Green

National Legislative Committee Co-Chair Tennessee
Cell Phone: (615) 464-7176 Work Phone: (615) 597-8225
Photo of Neil Burnette

Neil Burnette

National Legislative Committee Co-Chair North Carolina
Cell Phone: (336) 496-7943 Work Phone: (336) 496-3932
Photo of Lynsey Brooks

Lynsey Brooks

National Membership Chair Oklahoma
Cell Phone: (405) 406-3452 Work Phone: (405) 345-4502
Photo of Carla Spencer

Carla Spencer

National NAFEC Committee Chairperson Texas
Cell Phone: (432) 386-0081 Work Phone: (432) 837-2325
Photo of Michelle Stahl

Michelle Stahl

National Programs Chair Ohio
Cell Phone: (419) 303-3025 Work Phone: (419) 586-3149
Photo of Teresa Holmquist

Teresa Holmquist

National Publicity Chair Minnesota
Cell Phone: (507) 380-6593 Work Phone: 507-375-3191