NASCOE Through the Years

During the 1960’s

  • Government Life Insurance
  • Civil Service Retirement
  • Severance Pay
  • Increased Leave Earnings
  • Transfer Employment into USDA without loss of grade, leave or tenure
  • Pay Increases – Timed with Civil Service’s

During the 1970’s

  • Reclassification of CED’s and PA’s
  • Secured “Saved Grades” where grades were reduced due to reduction in workload and/or reclassification
  • Credit for past County Office experience in lieu of education for CED training positions
  • Vacancies in jobs above the County Office level now released to the County Office
  • Secured a Washington consultant to represent interest of County Committee employees

During the 1980’s

  • NASCOE Scholarship Program
  • Legislative Fund
  • Advertising Program Assistant vacancies to County Offices within the state
  • Passage of Transfer Bill
  • Supplemental Insurance on payroll withholding
  • Upgrading of PA job description
  • Negotiated for a significant increase in number of Grade 12 offices.

During the 1990’s

  • PT reclassification approved
  • CED reclassification approved
  • CPT reclassification eligible for upgrades
  • Lead PT grade increase in shared management offices
  • Compressed work schedule made available
  • ASCS/FSA Awards Program increased 500%
  • Donor Leave Program Implemented
  • Grievance procedure reintroduced in handbook procedure
  • Appeals procedure information made available
  • NASCOE Scholarship program increased
  • Legislative program improved
  • Maxi-flex Implemented

During the 2000’s

  • Established NASCOE Program Committee
  • NASCOE Website established as an effective communication tool with membership
  • NASCOE Emblems Online Storefront concept
  • NASCOE Now publication developed
  • NASCOE PAC established
  • Moved to electronic communication and distribution of information to membership

In more recent years

  • Return of Time off Awards and Cash Awards
  • Expansion of Key PT’s to one per district for those states willing to embrace the opportunity
  • Returning GovDelivery back into the hands of the County Offices to be able to make decisions when key outreach should take place
  • NASCOE chosen members are on more task forces than ever before and more PT’s than ever
  • Building strong relationships with management quickly to address the needs of our members
  • Building relationships with the ACRSI team to input and monitor the future of acreage reporting
  • A legislative agenda that was effective in procuring and protecting CO staffing dollars above all other concerns
  • Having an effective NAFEC committee in place to support the only thing that makes FSA different than any other government agency, the County Committee system
  • Planning and implementing a NASCOE budget that has our organization in the black with restored monetary reserves to battle what might come our way
  • Reduction in PAC banking fees from a high of $4855 per year in 2013 to a low of $1661 projected for 2015 which leaves more funds to help candidates in the PAC