DSA Nomination


Applications must be completed and submitted by January 15th at 11:00 pm CST.

Distinguished Service Award Categories:

  • Service to NASCOE
  • Service to FSA-Agriculture; or
  • Service to Community

This Program encourages recognition of NASCOE members who make outstanding contributions in EACH of areas of: Service to NASCOE; Service to FSA-Agriculture; or Service to Community. Nominations for these awards are competitive. 

  • Any member of the Association may make a nomination. 
  • Nominees must be members of the association in good standing, members serving under a permanent appointment, and members voluntarily retired during the current year are eligible to receive these awards. 
  • Only members of a State Association which is affiliated with the National Association can be considered eligible at the Area and National levels. 
  • National Officers, Area Executives, Alternate Area Executives, National Committee Chairpersons are ineligible for consideration of a Distinguished Service Award while serving in any of these capacities. 
  • No member shall be awarded more than one Distinguished Service Award for the same action on the same level. This does not disqualify a member from receiving multiple Distinguished Service Award in one or more categories with different nominations, but rather prevents winning two or more awards with the same nomination on the same level. 
  • Want to nominate someone, but not sure how or what to write? Reach out to your NASCOE Awards & Scholarship chair for some past examples. It is easier than you think!