What is the NASCOE PAC?
Our Association’s Political Action Committee (PAC) – Contributors to the PAC assist our legislative efforts by helping elect U.S. House and Senate members who support NASCOE priorities.

What is the purpose of PACs?
The current election process requires candidates to raise funds for campaign operations. Most private companies and associations operate PACs in order to support like-minded political candidates. PAC contributions are approved for candidates who support production agriculture and NASCOE legislative priorities.

What is the size of our PAC?
On an annual basis, NASCOE’s PAC averages about $120,000 per two-year election cycle. For the 2014 election cycle, agribusiness sector PACs contributed about $26 million to federal candidates. In comparison, the largest agribusiness PAC contributed over $2 million during the 2014 cycle.

How do I secure PAC contributions for specific candidates?
NASCOE members submit PAC recommendations to the legislative committee. The committee reviews the individuals voting record and level of support for NASCOE’s priorities. If approved, arrangements are made for delivering PAC contributions consistent with federal election laws.

Are we buying votes or bribing elected officials?
PAC contributions are consistent with all federal laws. PACs are used to support and elect federal candidates who support production agriculture and NASCOE’s priorities. Often times, candidates’ views differ significantly when it comes to supporting our priorities. With limited PAC funds, our association focuses on U.S. Senate and U.S. House members who serve on the Agriculture and Appropriations Committees.

How do I contribute?
NASCOE participants sign-up for bi-monthly contributions that continuously build our PAC account. The applications are not binding and allow termination at the participant’s request. In addition, members are allowed to contribute one-time payments. Please give full consideration to making contributions to NASCOE’s PAC. These funds are important as we work toward advancing our legislative priorities. The legislative committee is available to review our PAC process and contributions should NASCOE members need additional information.


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